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Twenty years later, Landshut University was moved to Munich.Many of the city's finest buildings belong to this period and were built under the first three Bavarian kings.Munich hosts more than 530,000 people of foreign background, making up 37.7% of its population.The first known settlement in the area was of Benedictine monks on the Old Salt Route.Duke Louis IV, a native of Munich, was elected German king in 1314 and crowned as Holy Roman Emperor in 1328.

During the 16th century, Munich was a centre of the German counter reformation, and also of renaissance arts.After the Nazi's rise to power, Munich was declared their "Capital of the Movement".During World War II, Munich was heavily bombed and more than 50% of the entire city and up to 90% of the historic centre were destroyed.Munich is also the third largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg, and the 12th largest city in the European Union, with a population of around 1.5 million.The city is a major centre of art, technology, finance, publishing, culture, innovation, education, business, and tourism in Germany and Europe and enjoys a very high standard and quality of living, reaching first in Germany and fourth worldwide according to the 2015 Mercer survey.

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