Updating website using joomla for e-commerce

This should be a very quick job for someone who knows joomla well. Once the quick fixes are done I would like someone to explain to me what the Joomla platform can and cannot do, so that I can determine how to get the most out of the website in as cost effective manner as possible. I need someone who is proficient in spoken and written English and who can explain the 'technical' capabilities of joomla in a non-technical way.I want to change the current site to an on-line member based association, featuring an on-line member directory, automated member registration & payment, provide advertising space, publications, news links and have a training library consisting of webinars, videos, articles etc. Whether you start a Word Press, Drupal or Joomla website – domain name will be the key element of your website. In plain English, a database is like a collection (technically called ‘tables’) of all your website’s information – stored altogether, ready at a moment’s notice. Many times they’ll also put out high quality, albeit basic, free options to test drive. Just go to and choose the desired theme from the list to make it your default option. For example, check out my personal top three:and upload this package to your admin panel. I was even scared initially when staring at my localhost.It’ll be your “first impression” to website visitors, it affects your SEO, and it also defines your brand. Otherwise you can always purchase a premium theme if you’re looking for the perfect option and ready to pony up some dough. Extensions.contains a Willy Wonka-esque wonderland for all Joomla users. And by “all” I mean every teeny-tiny one, no matter free or paid. But the good news, is like you’ve seen here, it’s not all that difficult once you get the hang of it.However, when you decide to choose another hosting provider, here are 3 things to keep an eye on:1. The more the better, usually measured in percentages, such as 99.90% and 99.99%.2. If you don’t have hosting provider yet, head over to Bluehost and get one (you’ll get a free domain as well – if needed). Then add the user to the database, and move on the next step. Finally we’re getting to the good stuff: customizing your website. They’ll deliver an amazing experience, or an utter mess.• I need someone with excellent skills and solid provable experience in joomla website design/development, programming, site management, SEO, and all aspects of hosting and data management.• In addition, I need someone with strong work ethics, high degree of sense of responsibility, commitment to timeframes, and an ability and readiness to communicate regularly. We would like to have it complete by late January 2006 or early February 2006.

The first task will be to do a few quick fixes to the website - specifically I need someone to amend text in side bar and also create drop down menus under the key menus.

If you have any questions, please contact us through the proper channels.

And my colleague Jeff Bell, who writes website guides at Startup Hub said he’d help me anytime. Before you can even think about building your Joomla website, you’ll need a solid domain name that reflects your website. One counter-intuitive way to find reliable free themes, is to actually look for companies that provide premium ones. One interesting thing to note is that you can actually install as many templates as you want and then switch between them to see how they all compare. Back in the day, I wouldn’t have believed someone if they told me I’d be writing this Joomla guide one day.

Hello & Good Day, We are a small business dedicated to transforming the human relationship to water. We are upgrading our current website and we need your help.

We need a developer, preferably a water enthusiast and opensource enthusiast as well, to help us create a unique and appealing Joomla!

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