Trouble updating wii u

The beginning of the setup process for the Wii U is all really standard stuff, especially if you were a Wii user.

After you’ve connected all the hardware and charged the Game Pad, you’ll be asked to pair the controller to the Wii U.

Either way.”With the Switch doing so well, it would make sense that Nintendo would want to put a lot of resources into further titles.

At long last, after well over a year of leaks and announcements and updates, the Wii U has arrived.

However, it makes sense that Nintendo would be making plans to end any of the remaining support they have for the Wii U, having solidly moved onto the Nintendo Switch.

There’s even talk that Nintendo are now fully focused on their new hybrid console, leaving little room for the 3DS.

It should also be noted that this hasn’t been confirmed officially by Nintendo yet, and should be treated with a pinch of salt.Shelves emptied quickly as pre-orders were cashed in and all night campers returned home with their new Nintendo console.Whether you grabbed the standard 8GB model or the 32GB Deluxe Edition, the time has come to enjoy Nintendo’s replacement for the Wii.Once you’re connected to the internet, the Wii U will notice that there is an update to apply before moving forward.Even on a fast connection, this update took nearly 45 minutes to download and install.

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