Transexual dating match

Small peculiarity, the application prohibits trade for more than three days without really understanding the reason. Much more oriented than most of his counterparts, 3Somer goes straight to the point.

While it is possible to conduct meetings between singles, the primary idea of ​​the application remains to spice up the sex life of its users by facilitating relationships with three.

The design of its interface will be resolutely in breach with that of the swing sites in order to “make people comfortable on their sexual desires”.

As on Tinder it will be necessary to “like” the profiles and watch for reciprocity.

To become a member of the 3Somer community, just download the application online. Very easy to use, the site allows you first of all to meet men and women from the same region as you.Otherwise, just specify that the application is available only on i OS.Remember that Tinder was originally a smartphone app for drag 2.0 that, coupled with the massive Facebook profile database and geolocation, accelerates the tempo of the encounter by allowing users to have fun Flirting and, to concretize in the stride. With 3Somer, prospects are widening by offering couples and singles the means to find each other to combine all possible combinations from 2 1, to 1 1 1, straight or gay, swingers, candaulists, libertines , Or simply curious.The purpose of this new application would be to facilitate the search for “those who are discriminated against by society in the same way as homosexuals were 15 years ago”.It is true that the justifications put forward by the developers are somewhat sewn with white thread, that they flirt with a dialectic that feels the pretext.

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