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In the same vein iron was just too useful not to be well-used and looked-after and and salvaged and accumulated.

Knowledge and writings (scrolls, books, etc), too, have steadily accumulated over time.

Once it's been quarried there's no reason why stone can't be used time and again, e.g.

the near-complete salvaging of the stone sections of The Great Wall Of China for use in people's houses (it's had to be rebuilt a few times from scratch for just this reason).

Furthermore, there have been no wars—between countries or civil wars—no redrawing of any inter-state boundaries.

Then again, past magic might have been responsible for the current situation in the first place.Despite the apparent age of uninterrupted peace, there will still be a professional warrior caste standing—with undiminished wealth and status despite their redundancy—for the entire period.If the landscape changes at all, even in the course of 100,000 years, it won't be due to geological processes, but due to magic.No more or less land is under the plough This is one area in which things most consistently changed over time throughout the last three thousand years of Eurasian (but not so much American or Australian, prior to European settlement) history, though there have been reverses. More cargo, both bulk and containers, is hauled on European big rivers annually than on European roads and railroads combined.Profit margins dwindled fast after the first 30km (one day's cart-travel) from the nearest shoreline, river, or canal The amount of both of these in use has steadily increased over time as well.

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    The report produced by Walzer was the first time that professional historians attempted to compile a complete list of victims from a single street in Vienna, according to Oskar Deutsch, the president of the Jewish Community of Vienna.

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