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“We’re still going to have sex every day.” This is an area where guys are especially naive. You will literally be so tired that you will say ‘no’ to sex, at least until your mind and body have a chance to recalibrate and learn how to function on minimal sleep.4. But someone will get home later from work, or have to wake up earlier, proving that it's tough to truly split the work it takes to raise a child right down the middle. Eventually, you’ll have the whole parenting thing on lockdown and you’ll reclaim your social lives. “We’ll have a routine and put them on a strict sleep schedule.” Anyone who already has a child would laugh so hard they’d vomit.“We’re going to split all the work equally all the time.” Someone, inevitably, will wind up doing more at different periods. What’s more important (and manageable) is splitting it in a way that makes everyone happy and balanced. Every well-meaning almost-parent goes into thinking they’re going to have their kid sleeping through the night day 2 and they’ll never look back. Comfy enough to get him to break this promise, especially if his partner is "up already."10."We're going to continue to grow at the rate we have been growing - which is really fast," CEO and co-founder Scott Svenson told Business Insider on Tuesday.

But sometimes, especially when he’s sleep-deprived and it’s 3 AM and he just wants to get back into bed, it’s easier to give in.

He’ll pick up his baby and rock them to sleep even if he's sleep training, or let them watch TV even if he swore "no screens tonight," or whatever it takes to placate them so he can have some merciful sleep. This is especially harder for guys to grapple with, since sometimes parenthood doesn't feel "real" for them until birth, whereas their partners have been slowly adjusting for nine months.

Sometimes you have to negotiate with babies..” Unless he’s independently wealthy and has close to zero obligations, there is no way his new baby won’t eat into… Unless he’s OK with only sleeping 3 hours a night every night, concessions will have to be made.3. It’s tough to make sure you eat some days, let alone fulfill frivolous social obligations.

Others express preferences for all kinds of unprintable activities.

Users are, disturbingly, asked to click a box to say whether they prefer safe sex.

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