Sedating cats for car travel

Cool water and proper ventilation are absolutely necessary.

The only way a cat can cool herself is by drinking cool water. While driving, you need to stop and see if your cat is panting in the carrier.

If you have a cat loose in your vehicle, there's always a chance that he or she will pee someplace.

I think that's worse than having to clean up dirty cages.

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I'm moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Raleigh, NC in September. Do I need to give her time out of the crate to stretch her legs?

Should I keep the AC on in the car to keep the cat from overheating?

Unless they have diabetes, other health issues or are otherwise medically fragile, missing meals for a day shouldn't do them harm.I throw a sun shield for car windshields over the cages. If have sunlight on a cage, it will heat up instantly and be too hot for the animal. I keep the radio volume down, turn off back speakers.I keep the fan speed for the AC or hear low, because my cats will howl and be noticeably bothered by any loud music, open car windows, or high velocity fan noise.Frightened cats can often hide in silence - no crying whatsoever - so as to avoid predators. I would never use drugs to sedate a cat for a trip.Years ago my mother made the huge mistake of letting our cat out to stretch half way home and the cat ran off frightened and we never found him. Your cat will be absolutely fine in a carrier the entire trip so long as you keep him/her cool and hydrated. How would you like to lie on hard plastic for 8 hours? Use Feliway and Bach remedy, works wonderfully and very safe.

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