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10/1 (Thurs) Start 【TBS】 - You Tube ·staff Original: Tezuka Osamu Screenplay: Yaba Tabata Manga: Okuma Yuugo (Akita Shoten Young Champion Series) Medical supervision: Nobutoshi Goto Director: Yoko Kase Series composition · Supervisor: Ryosuke Takahashi Character design · total drawing director: Miyuki Katayama, Nana Miura Art director Minoru Nishida, Masato Shibata Color design: Megumi Arai Director of Photography: Kazumasa Someya Edit: Utami Watabe Acoustic director: Toshiki Kameyama Acoustic Production: Groove Music: Daisuke Ikeda Music Production: Being Animation Production: Tezuka Productions Copyright Light Notation: © Young Black Jack Production Committee Twitter:@ Anime_ybj Hashtag: #anime_ybj OP: UMI ★ KUUN "I am Just Feeling Alive" ·cast Kuroku Man: Yuichiro Umehara Yabu: Yuza Koji Maiko Okamoto: Shizuka Ito Narration: Akio Otsuka · Broadcast information Nippon TV: 10/1 (Thu) 25: 29 ~ Fukuoka Broadcasting: 10/1 (Thurs) 26: 40 ~ (26: 15 ~ after the second episode) Miyagitetebi: 10/2 (Fri) 26: 40 ~ (26: 00 ~ after the 2nd talk) Chukyo Television: 10/3 (Sat) 25: 25 ~ Sapporo TV: 10/3 (Sat) 25: 55 ~ TV Oita: 10/4 (Sunday) 25: 25 ~ Ytv: 10/5 (Monday) 26: 42 ~ (from the second episode onwards 26: 37 ~) Northern Japan Broadcasting System: 10/7 (Wednesday) 25: 59 ~ Shizuoka Daiichi Television: 10/7 (Wednesday) 26: 04 ~ Yamanashi Broadcasting: 10/20 (Tue) 25: 25 ~ TV Shinshu: 10/29 (Thurs) 26: 14 ~ Hiroshima TV: 11/11 (Wednesday) 26: 59 ~ Nagasaki International TV: 11/28 (Sat) 25: 35 ~ ·Overview Lupine the Thunder of the heaven robbed of whatever target it surely aims, this time it aims at numerous targets with Italy and San Marino set as the stage.

In the first episode, the wedding ceremony of Rebecca and Lupine, the young chairman of Sanmarin's representative chaebol, is held in front of familiar faces such as "Lupine the 3rd wedding ceremony", dimension, Goemon, Fujiko.

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Work that painted on the stage in the 1960s, why he became a dark doctor "Black Jack" requiring an unlicensed and exorbitant amount of money.

Using Tezuka Osamu's "Black Jack" as the original, animated cartoons depicting Black Jack's young days.

· Broadcast information AT - X: 9/23 (Wed) 24: 30 ~ TOKYO MX: 10/4 (Sunday) 22: 00 ~ Nico Nico Douga: 10/4 (Sunday) 22: 00 ~ D Anime store: 10/11 (Sunday) 12: 00 ~ ·Overview A new Vampire / Godless 4 brothers will appear in front of Komori Yui who will be living in the vampire's underworld six brothers who will be deprived of blood.

They call Yu about Eve, but what is its purpose ...?

Although it is a spin-off in 2012, there is a new series after a long time "LUPIN the Third - a woman named Midomi Fujiko" has been broadcasted, this work will be the first series in 30 years as the leading role of Lupine .

The program reorganization period is approaching once every three months.

It is a preliminary trend that there are many works that start in spring and autumn of the four seasons, but this time it is about 50 works and it is quite a lot of starting matches.

Also, on September 19 (Sat) according to the animation broadcasting house doll toy "Kata Tama House series" will be released. Nitta, who was responsible for drawing contests and directors in the "Cardboard Warfare" series, and the composition of the series is "Prepala" "Kirarin ☆ Revolution" "Reward ☆ Fairy Milmo at Pong!

·staff Original bill: BANDAI Director: Norita Nitta Series composition: Ryou Tsuchiya Character design: Shinkobu Okawa Acoustic director: Akihiko Nakajima Music: Ryosuke Nakanishi Music production: Lantis Animation production: OLM Production: TV TOKYO, Kodama Production Committee Copyright notation: © BANDAI / TV TOKYO · Kota Production Committee OP: ERIKA "Around here!

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