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” Dean said, spitting some of the food out of his mouth in his rush to speak. “You been acting weird lately, boy, we’re just worried.” “You think I didn’t check Cas out? Page was so on top of it that night, he was smokin’. Men and women mobbed the floor, boots stomping and beer flying. The woman, at least, seemed to know her music, which had Dean all bright eyed and bushy tailed while they argued over best Zep concerts. “Nope, nuh-uh, I still say that Tampa in ‘73 is the best. Ellen just glanced resignedly at the sliver of moonlight showing through the bar window. ” Jo yelled on Tuesday, trying to make herself heard over the improbable choice of “Party in the USA” playing on the jukebox.

“They’re quieter ‘n you are,” Dean said, but he didn’t immediately return to his drink. If he cares about you, he’ll show eventually and tell you what’s up.” “Hell’s he doin’ with me anyway? “There’s a million other people he could be hangin’ around.” “Dean, don’t knock yourself. “Thanks.” She waited exactly five minutes before her path took her wandering past the front windows. Then when I didn't say anything, he finally said yeah, okay, Sammy, let's hope the monsters respect my 1911." Sam had stopped for breath, and Jo just stood, leaning on the counter, one hand over her face, shoulders shaking as she tried not to let Sam know she was cracking up. First time I’ve had a decent conversation in Japanese since I took out that nuke-nuke-kubi.” “And they were ? “He can hold his own in a fight and other than bein’ fool enough to be involved with a Winchester he seems smart enough.

“Yeah, I know, I know, I’ve watched him pick up enough girls. “Dean says he’s run all the tests, and Cas is clean.” She could hear Sam thinking on the other end. “Wrong Winchester.” “Well, I doubt Johnny, Jack, and Jose are as good company as I am, and I’m bored stiff. ” She leaned her elbows on the bar, not quite meeting Dean’s eye. “Fuck knows what he sees when he looks at me, I’m a fuckin’ mess.” “No more than the rest of us,” said Jo stoutly. And you gotta mean what you say, or it all goes to shit.” “He’s busy, y’know? “Not like you need babysitting, or like that’s what he’s doing, anyway. And he’s ,” Dean said, gesturing with his hands around his head in a way that was probably meant to make more sense than it did. You should’ve seen his face the first time I took him out for a burger.” Jo made an encouraging noise. And I’m teaching him about good music, ‘cause ain’t no way I’m hunting with someone that doesn’t appreciate classic rock. “See you in a few.” “Sure, Jo.” He put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a brief squeeze. And then I said well, you're my brother and I love you and I respect your life choices. What the hell kind of psychomotivational bullcrap they teaching you out there?

the poster child for heteronormative masculinity.” Jo bit her lip. the way he talks about Cas is different.” “Different how? And he’s gone on multiple hunts with him, even asked Ash to make him a fake ID. Thanks." *** “So…” Sam said, once the usual phone call pleasantries were out of the way. ” Jo nodded even though she knew he couldn’t see it. Dean looked at her, a bit bleary eyed, as though he’d forgotten where he was. Don’t wanna talk ‘bout it.” Jo widened her eyes in fake surprise. I thought we were gonna paint our nails and talk about boys while we braided each others’ hair.” Dean grimaced. “Is this the first time he hasn’t, you know, helped when you asked? See right through you,” Dean said, making a V with his fingers and pointing at his own green eyes. If you’re gonna with someone, you gotta talk, right? Got better things to do than babysitting me on a fucking salt and burn.” Jo snorted. “I gotta go get some air.” “Don’t you even think about driving anywhere, the state you’re in, Dean Winchester.” “Not gonna, Jo, scout’s honor.” “All right, then,” she said, mollified for the moment. Okay, so remember we talked the other day about being supportive and letting Dean know we were on his side no matter what? " "Well, I tried to kind of talk to him about it, but it was like— like, he didn't get it. It was as if we were having two completely different conversations. This was bound to be entertaining, if not informative. "Uh, I told him I supported whatever lifestyle choices he made, and he just..quiet, then said something about hunting? So, god, Jo, you know how subtle I'm not, I just said something about it being nice he had someone to share it with, and he was all yeah, Cas is a great guy, good in a fight, always has my back.

Not that her lack of a Ph D seemed to be counting against her in Dean’s eyes. The blonde’s smile faded into a pout as she watched Dean leave. “I’m gonna start carrying a boot knife,” Jo hissed, glaring at a grinning hunter who dared to tip his hat at her.

Right now Dean’s conversation was with some lady with more hair than sense, in Jo’s humble opinion. He grabbed his coat off the back of the chair and headed for the door, still holding the phone to his ear. “My Latin teachers keep asking if I grew up Catholic.” “How’re your classes going, anyway? “Damn fools.” *** The next night Jo dodged gropes and pinches like a barrel racer, and Ellen finally resorted to laying her shotgun on the bar as Jo fumed and Ash tried not to laugh.

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