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Anyway, kudos to all the casts for portraying their roles effectively.... Daekbakkk, i dont want to watch korean historical drama but that one changes my mind. They love each other but cannot live togethef in their life :(((( ^_^ just finished this drama, this drama is really worth to watch. Ending is beautiful but I felt sorry for Lee Young... This is one of the best K Drama i have ever watched for several years. The cast and writers do an amazing job of bringing history to life, however it is the knowledge that two people in our past felt this intense love that gives me goosebumps. but everone is commenting "the king and chaekyung" ¬_¬ pleaseeeeee anyone It was absolutely the best korean drama Ive seen.The music and background adds more feels and moods of the drama... I cried like a baby for this drama, the story is really awesome and well written also love story in this drama is really inspiring. just one word who can said "wonderfull" it wasnt Best saeguk ive ever watch because Moonlovers Scarlet still most Hearbreak and cry maker, but I can take 2nd place best saeguk to my list, I love the cast, i love the soundtrack, i love the place, Fighting PD-Nim Omg this is amazing..... Two thumbs up to the director, the cast and the crew. I cried from to of the last episode, and am still trying to hold tears back. I really like Chae Kyung and Lee Yeok young cast, they are so loveable and their chemistry is daebak. He losts his mother at a very young age and his father is more caring to his lil bro instead of him. I really love his gentle side when it comes to Chae Kyung. The best sageuk if not the best k drama I've watched....beautiful heart breaking story and wonderful acting by the cast... The story that would penetrate deeply in our heart.Good job for the excellent casts and crews A really really good drama. The line story is really good me every episode is so sad , their love story is so sad. At First i hesitated to watched this drama because it is history drama i thought ut would be boring i only watched it because of my love yeo woo jin hheehe but eventually i loved kim min young's and woo jins chemistry. Eventho it's heartbreaking and I cried buckets, yet I couldn't ask for a better finale!I can't even miss an episode, when episode with subtitles came out I watch it right away. Wish this drama could get more people's attention . I fell inlove of this drama even cried in every scene..idont understand y this drama under rated.. Two months on and I'm still thinking about this drama and how the writers really did a number on my in the end. The love story between Lee Yeok & Chae Gyung was really really beautiful I have so much to say that I miss the word!!Chae-kyung also has to cope with her understanding of the King himself whom she initially liked and tried to influence positively. A lot of good lesson to get..about trust and betrayal! the actors and actress are amazing...wishing to see them again another drama with the same cast! He looked scary and realistic many times that you wonder if he has mental issues in real life or if he was exposed to this in life. I have never been into saguek dramas, but I decided to check out this one because the history behind it all intrigued me so much. I was so touched and moved to tears when the prince gave up His throne in favor of his wife to the shocking amazement of the king. I always wish the day to wed and thurs just to watch it and luckily this drama always met my excitement this drama is spectacular..i wonder why the ratings in korea is so low.. a gem has been discovered by international audience which is Yeon Woo Jin.But now this psychopath King who deeply fears his half-brother Lee Yeok enjoys abusing his total control over Shin Chae-Kyung's life. I can see why Director Lee Jung-sub decided to work with actress Park Min-young for a third time. The acting is phenomenal and you will understand once you see. This is a beautiful historical Korean drama well written. I was more touched when the put his head on his mother's lap and asked her questions after losing the love of his life. the actors are so amazing they portray their characters very well..it's flawless..i love the character of the king the actor did a very excellent job.so with the prince and chae kyung.story is so good.drama is earning good feedback worldwide just like scarlet heart ryeo that was underrated in korea but so popular and hit the storm worldwide.i defnitely recommend it.the way im not just a teenager a career woman with a child in 30's and from canada. even though it's quite upsetting that Korean audience don't appreciate this amazing drama, hope the casts won't get disheartened and keep working hard. Acting wise, the major actors did a great act suppressing and expressing their roles.Trying to let us realize the difference the world they live in long long time ago... I am glad the director and writer grab perfect casts . ❤️ I just finished this sageuk, so the emotions are still raw and true. Kudos to Pmy and ywj for showing a gentle steadfast love.... yeok and chae gyung will stay with me forever.....the real couple rest in peace....congrats to the entire was the best drama of 2017 for me also the OTP has permission from me to date in real life huhuhu hi everyone!!!and we're so lucky to be living in today, thou a few history repeats itself, but the modern world is luckier than the ancient era... Love all the actors and they should receive awards. Until now, i'm still so sad about this love between Yoke n Chae Kyung. Great acting great chemistry everything about this drama is so amazing... I think what makes this drama undeniably beautiful is that a lot of this actually happened in our raw, true undeniably beautiful world. ^_~ please if you are shipping (only) the Prince ^0^ and chaekyung then please tell me U_U if there is no one then i am going to let go of this drama *_* i don´t want to ....

Omg we all day is scariest mother in law is in all k drama but the Queen (mil) is probably the second scariest since she so calm see where the oldest son got the loose nut from definitely not the father. This love story under the shadow of an unstable king that turned from an initially proper ruler into a destructive psychopath is very well acted. At the center of the story, Park Min-yong creates the character of Shin Chae-Kyung as a bright, fearless, free-spirited yet dutiful young woman increasingly torn between her private love and the public fights across aristocratic families for political power and wealth. OMG i cant belive there's only 2 last eps this drama is so touch my heart every eps i watch i always fall my tears down for about 1L idk why the ratting is so low why??? Interesting drama, get to know about the history and how people in the past was so obsessed with the throne ? Commenting here to let other people try watching this. Hopefully It would be a happy ending because this drama started off with the queen being exiled just now finish watch ep16.. This made both the snails, the king and the evil minister look dumb during those scenes, especially when the entire group moved as a pack undetected in and out when the writer found it convenient. IMO, The Ruler Master of the mask is so overrated and its is not consistent in story development compare to Queen for 7 days, it started good but it became draggy in the middle part of the story and it has a rushed end, it has only a high ratings because the actors/actresses are very popular....

Still can't get over with the ending but in the end you'll have to move on. Not a typical romance but there's more to life than loving..... Outstanding drama and Park Min Young and Yeon Woo-Jin delivered the drama beautifully showing their love for each other from childhood to adulthood. Thank you to all the writers and actors for delivering such a beautiful and heartfelt drama!!!! For me, he is superb excellent actor who can truly act with great charisma. Yeon Woo Jin.....nahhhh...always captured my heart in every drama he's in. T This drama is such a masterpiece, best actors, best director, and an amazing writer-nim.

Appreciating life is all it wants to convey, as living is loving.... The plot , the acting , background music all well executed. it was very exciting and fun at first, but later at the end, it was so sad. I really wanted them to have kids and just live like a regular couple, but then it didn't happen. I really like his performance in QF7D especially the few last episode. It's a well-written drama and they told it beautifully, but still realistic. For those who love this kind of genre (historical and super melo) and can bear this tragic storyline, this drama is a must watch!!

For those who are looking to watch new historical drama, you should watch it and ignore the ratings. I am only hoping the story will be different from the actual event. I must say that this drama is so good..chemistry between the leads is amazing and the king makes a great second lead.

As you can see many historical drama is based on true story so you need to prepare it can be sad ending or happy ending. I just wish this story doesn't end in tragedy although the name in itself is so foreboding :((( Wow, what a 14th episode!

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