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It featured numerous musicians such as Ai, Koda Kumi, Ken Hirai, Kiyoshi Hikawa, Exile, AKB48 and Nobuyasu Okabayashi amongst others, paying tribute by singing her most famous songs., a housewife.Misora displayed musical talent from an early age after singing for her father at a World War II send-off party in 1943.The attacker was described as an overly enthusiastic fan of hers. Although NHK did not acknowledge any connection, Misora was excluded from Kōhaku Uta Gassen for the first time in 18 years.In 1978, she adopted a 7-year-old boy, Kazuya Kato.At the same time, she changed her last name, Katō, to Misora , at the suggestion of her mother.A year later, she appeared on a NHK broadcast, and impressed the Japanese composer Masao Koga with her singing ability.She received a Medal of Honor for her contributions to music and for improving the welfare of the public, and was the first woman to receive the People's Honour Award which was conferred posthumously for giving the public hope and encouragement after World War II.is often performed by numerous artists and orchestras as a tribute to her, including notable renditions by The Three Tenors (Spanish/Italian), Teresa Teng (Taiwanese), and Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan (Mexican).

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In 1945 she debuted at a concert hall in Yokohama, at the age of eight.

He considered her to be a prodigy with the courage, understanding, and emotional maturity of an adult.

In the following two years, she became an accomplished singer and was touring notable concert halls to sold-out crowds. She changed her stage name to Hibari Misora, which means "lark in the beautiful sky," and starred in the film Nodojiman-kyō jidai As an actress, she starred in around 160 movies from 1949 until 1971, and won numerous awards.

After Hamasaki’s hip hop-themed mini-album Nothing from Nothing, along with its accompanying single of the same title, failed to chart due to little or no promotion, Hamasaki was dropped from the label.

She subsequently met her current producer, Max Matsuura, who is now president of Avex Group.

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