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And I'd feel insecure, so I would turn to Instagram and start scrolling.

They know their read receipt is turned on, and they know I know they've read my message. But what really leads me down the ugly path is when I see someone has read my text, not responded and then when I check my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook I see that they have just posted a mundane photo or comment about the weather or traffic or a kitten (nothing worse than losing to a cat). Or -- maybe they tweeted linking to an article by Jeffrey Toobin. In the midst of conversation, look down at your phone and say under your breath to yourself, "Ah, I've got to remember to buy tickets to see Toobin speak next month," and then look back up as if you forgot where you were and apologize for disrupting the conversation.

You'll probably be broken up with soon -- and it will only come one time, not four. Ok, maybe she didn't say "loser," but she was thinking it.

Your recipient has gotten all of them, and while perhaps he or she was busy before and planning to find a free moment to text you, is now dreading responding at all. A few years ago, my friend Keryn told me that I needed to be more careful with the ends on my text messages because they made me look like an insecure loser.

You're friends on Facebook, you quit Tinder (or said you did, anyway), you follow each other on Instagram and Twitter, and maybe you're even in each other's profile pics. Insecure comments and questions are becoming comfortable now and the magic of the beginning and showing only our best qualities is, well, kinda over. No one looks crazier than when they become the social media detective, dissector and interrogator.

The person on the other end will wonder: what is she doing?

Because neither person is actually listening to the other, it is nearly impossible to win a text fight via solid argument. Here's the plan: In the middle of a text fight, go into settings and turn off read receipt and stop writing.

They translate to "I'm insecure", "I am afraid of being alone forever" and "I am having a terrible night without you." They should be avoided at all costs.

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