Enfj dating enfp

Indulge their interests A major reason why ENFJs are so tuned to people and relationships is because of their excellent communication skills.The combination of the Intuitive and Feeling aspects into their personality makes them not only adept at expressing their own thoughts and feelings but also very good at gauging what motivates and pleases other people.They are apt to take any remark about their performance or appearance very personally and can become highly emotional and even quite harsh when their feelings are hurt.So when you feel you need to discuss an issue, take care to avoid an accusatory stance.

However if you are close to a guy or girl of this personality type, you will find them bringing the same qualities of warmth, generosity and insight in a personal relationship too.Make your observation as impersonal as possible and above all, have several possible solutions ready so that your ENFJ partner does not feel that the purpose of discussing an issue is to launch a personal attack on them.Give them lots of affirmation Again ENFJs are highly sensitive to any evidence of discord or unhappiness.The presence of Intuitive and Feeling aspects in their personality make ENFJs see the best in others and try to help others to live up to their full potential.They are able to do all this by their excellent people skills which not only include a deep insight into the motivations, feelings and potentials of others but also their dexterity in communication.

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