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that can prevent us from getting what we want so PERFECTLY? I want to take you through a process that will give you a little “taste” of the process of Transformation you’ll be experiencing in this training program… Once you’ve gotten in touch with what the “form” of the memory or imprint, remember it.

But when we were kids, many aspects of healthy sexuality were considered wrong, evil, bad, immoral, and scary to those around us. then your current obstacle is probably connected to those impressions… If your earliest impressions involved not having a father around, and having a mother that was over- protective, then your current obstacle is probably connected to those impressions… And then there are the impressions you got when you were growing up… ALL of them are affecting you at a level that you can’t possibly imagine right now. and now your mind is busy PROVING that case to you – with one piece of evidence after another – over and over again.

Daniel Goleman, the author of the powerful book “Emotional Intelligence” wrote something profound in his recent book “Social Intelligence”… Maybe we see a girl we’d like to approach, or we’re on a date with a woman and we want to kiss her… We lose our minds, we get freaked out by our emotions, and we don’t do the right thing. Because something happened in our past that made some kind of imprint on us, and it’s coming up – either consciously or unconsciously – and it’s causing us to hesitate. What if you could actually stay AWARE, calm, and present when you need to with women? The Man Transformation Program is designed to help you do JUST THAT – to actually go inside and RE-WIRE your imprints and your triggers, so you focus and use your power to succeed – instead of using your power to sabotage your success.

he says: “Whenever we retrieve a memory, the brain rewrites it a bit, updating the past according to our present concerns and understanding.” He then goes on to explain that we actually change our memories at the CHEMICAL LEVEL INSIDE OUR BRAINS when we go through the process of remembering. You can go and “fix” those problem areas from your past that act as your PRISON right now. or we’re making out, and it’s time to “make the move” but… If we could go back into your past, and watch a movie of your initial “imprints” or experiences with women, we would learn a LOT about why you are where you are right now.

and no one ever told us that would could actually learn how to USE THEM! Lately, the scientific and psychological communities are starting to realize something very interesting about our brains and emotional systems. What if you got yourself into a cool, calm, optimistic state of mind, and THEN “pulled up” some of your memories and imprints?

It’s a breakthrough that I consider one of the most miraculous possible. Here’s how this works: Every time you remember something, you CHANGE the memory. and we’ve REINFORCED this pattern, this response, and this behavior! What if you changed how you remember your experiences and imprints, but do it while you’re feeling GREAT?

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