Dating your singer sewing machine

Couple of years ago I finally moved here in the USA and one day while cleaning the basement I found this old Singer Stylist 533 that belonged to my husband's late mother complete with all the accessories, manuals and even receipt and warranty and it was purchased a year before I was even born in 1976!

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I would draw the design of my dress beforehand like the paper dresses I made for my paper dolls!

I would proudly show it and explain to the dress maker how I want my dress to look like and she would always tell me then that it would look really pretty.

Of course, I sewed it on the Singer Treadle and I even got a blue ribbon in the State Fair of Oklahoma for it.

To this day, it sits in my Entry Way as a table, reminding me of my family members and the hardships they endured to give me the wonderful life I now enjoy.

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