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Thus, the governor wanted to destroy the beautiful "light" that was Lucy. Lucy had radiance about her, both physically and spiritually.

It was his intent to show the Catholics of Syracuse that the Roman Empire was greater than their God.

Adding insult to injury, his friends and household servants taunted the young man saying that "Lucy had found a better Bridegroom than he" (meaning Jesus).

Whether motivated by pride, greed, jealousy or a combination of all three, in his anger he denounced Lucy to seized this opportunity to make Lucy an example of Romes greatness and displeasure.

As a result of this miraculous cure, Eutychia realized how saintly her daughter had become.

Also, Lucy could now tell her mother of her vow of virginity to Christ.

Lucy raised a devout Catholic, privately decided in her teenage years to consecrate her virginity to God, and devote her worldly goods to the service of the poor.Other victories came on the Germanic border but these victories would not bring peace to the Empire.It was into this time of great anxiety that Lucy was born, in Syracuse, Sicily; into a rich and noble Roman family about the year 283.General Galerius was appointed Caesar in the East and General Maximian as Caesar in the Western part of the Empire. Diocletian at first was very tolerant of the Catholic Faith.Indeed, the Catholic faith grew in great numbers and erected churches in the principle cities.

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