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Indeed, it was pointed out that most bodies freed from Austrian and Swiss glaciers belonged to individuals who had died only 50 to 70 years earlier.In this regard Bahn and Everett have commented that: “Even the slowest glaciers are renewed every 500 to 600 years, the time it takes them to flow from their summit to the base of the tongue, and they disgorge everything they contain.“The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth ribs on the left show healed fractures, suggesting a one-time multiple trauma.

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Nevertheless, the issue has been seemingly resolved, once for all, with the simultaneous announcement that separate studies of the Ice Man’s mt DNA have established Oetzi’s origins as being distinctly European.

Also recovered from the Oetztaler site was a piece of jewellery or talisman, comprising a polished stone circlet attached to a tassel of string via a hole through the stone’s centre.

(The possible significance of this suggestion will be explored, at length, later in this paper.) Spindler, by way of contrast, suggested (in 1992) that they can signify almost anything, including membership of a particular family, tribe, village or class.

The quiver also contained an untreated sinew that could have been made into a bowstring, a ball of cord, the thorn of a deer’s antler (which is thought to have been used to skin animals), and four antler tips bound together with grass, as well as some flint and pitch.

the latter of which possibly fulfilled a bracing function.

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