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Although body modifications have become a mainstream trend, they still may be associated with medical complications and, among adolescents, may also co-occur with high-risk behaviors.This first clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics on tattooing, piercing, and scarification discusses the history of these methods of body modification, educates the reader on methods used, reports on trends in associated adolescent and young adult risk behaviors, differentiates between nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) and body modifications, and educates the reader about how to anticipate and prevent potential medical complications.Public opinion of the relationship between having a tattoo and deviant behavior is changing.

Tattooing and piercing of various body parts no longer is a high-risk–population phenomenon, as evidenced by growing numbers of adults and adolescents not considered at risk who have tattoos and multiple ear and body piercings.

Estimated prevalence rates for NSSI in 2008 for adolescents were between 14% and 24%.

It can include cutting, scratching, burning, and hitting oneself.

When available, information also is presented on societal perceptions of body modification.

Tattoos, piercings, and scarification, also known as “body modifications,” are commonly obtained by adolescents and young adults.

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