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He was exposed to the soul music of Motown, Stax, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Gladys Knight, The Isley Brothers, and Gamble and Huff growing up who were key influences on his musical style.Kravitz often went to see New York theater, where his mother worked.Kravitz began working on his debut album with Hirsch over the next year and a half, with Kravitz's father paying for the studio time.Kravitz met saxophonist Karl Denson and invited him to play on the song, "Let Love Rule".

The label was excited about the music he was making, music inspired by his relationship with wife Bonet and their new daughter, Zoe.In October 1988, after completing most of the recording, Kravitz approached friend Stephen Elvis Smith who had served as the Music Supervisor on Lisa Bonet's spin-off of The Cosby Show, A Different World.Smith had also worked with Kravitz' mother, on the hit sitcom The Jeffersons.Kravitz was so impressed with his playing that Denson played on much of the album.Denson toured with Kravitz for the next five years.

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    The Olympic boycott precluded Lewis from competing in Moscow; he instead participated in the Liberty Bell Classic in July 1980, which was an alternate meet for boycotting nations.