Automatically updating sheet list in excel

In the cell below that, a hyperlink that will take you to the selected sheet.The first step is to create a list of sheets that people need to go to.I then have separate worksheets that breakdown into subcategories from the first. I want to be able to add/change something in the first one and it change/add it in the second. Paste Special Paste:=xl Paste Values, Operation:=xl None, Skip Blanks _ :=False, Transpose:=False ws. Is there a way to set this as a auto fill for 24 different cells? I need to update workbooks by first transferring data into primary (master) workbook than then have master workbook feed the total updates back to individual workbooks while adding new employees to master and deleting employees that quit from the master workbook. The "group" function works for the add part BUT if one the original page, I add something on line 116, I don't want it to add on 116 in the second worksheet as there are only 20 lines in that second worksheet so I'd want it to land on line 21. Simply follow these steps: Step 3 may sound a bit confusing, but it isn't really.

I usually click the sheet navigation arrows, and look for the sheet name as the sheets fly past. To make it easy to go to a specific worksheet, we’ll build a drop down list that shows the sheet names.

You probably don’t need to list all the sheets in the file – don’t include any Admin sheets where you keep the lookup lists, etc.

Tip: Since this list will be use for selecting a sheet, you could sort the sheet names alphabetically, to make them easier to find in a long list.

If you forget to do so, you can easily mess up all your worksheets without intending to do so.

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